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RDF, plant and protecting your interests…

RDF, plant and protecting your interests…

Refuse derived fuel or RDF is a type of fuel which is produced from various types of waste and consists mainly of combustible elements of it, such as non-recyclable plastics, cardboard, paper, packaging and other corrugated materials. The waste is separated and then shredded to a uniform size. It can also be formed into pellets and used as a substitute for fossil fuels. This type of fuel is generally not used in a domestic setting yet. The energy from waste industry is set to continue to expand over the coming years.

As with any industry, the waste a recycling sector is having to move with the times and take the challenges of increased costs and legislation into account. Public opinion probably also plays a part with single use plastic waste in particular very much in the news. The move away from using landfill for waste disposal towards recycling and repurposing waste for fuel has provided the opportunity to diversify within the industry. It has also provided the opportunity for new types of plant and machinery to be developed. Plant and machinery of this type is a big investment for most businesses and, as with any business asset, it is important to ensure that it is properly protected. Plant and machinery insurance is an essential part of any business policy.

The main types of cover we offer for plant are either all risks cover or inspection cover.

All risks cover

This covers all plant and machinery in use by your business, whether owned or leased. It will generally cover fire, theft and malicious or accidental damage. New for old cover is available for plant which is less than 12 months old.

Inspection cover

Engineering inspections of plant and machinery is vital to ensure the safety of employees as well as the general public. It also helps to ensure that a business meets the statutory requirements for workplaces in the UK. The waste industry has a high level of workplace accidents and fatalities, consequently, it is vital to sure that there is a robust workplace policy which is well documented to meet all safety requirements for machinery.

Plant inspection cover means that your plant and machinery is inspected regularly to ensure compliance with the law and to further check safety requirements are met. This can protect you against claims for personal injury or even criminal prosecution should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a situation where someone is injured or even loses their life.

Inspection insurance can also help to identify potential defects early leading to greater efficiency and limiting potential downtime due to failures.

For more information about Inspection or all risks cover for plant and machinery, or to arrange a quotation – contact us.

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