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JCT Minor Works Building Contract - Insurance
The JCT Minor Works Building Contract (Minor Works) is designed for smaller, basic construction projects where the work is of a simple nature.
Unrated Insurers - Motor Insurance
Imagine you ran a skip hire company and discovered just before the Friday rush that your fleet was no longer insured? Is this a risk your company would be financially prepared for?
Collateral Warranties - Explained
A collateral warranty has all the requirements and manifestations of an ordinary contract.
Indemnity to Principal - Explained
A policy with an indemnity to principal clause triggers coverage for the listed principal when he is named in a liability suit involving the insured person.
Insurance Premium Tax on the Increase from 1st November 2015
IPT is a tax on general (both personal and commercial) insurance premiums and is the insurance equivalent of VAT.
Noise Induced Hearing Losses
Increase in claims for hearing loss...