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Landlord insurance

Landlord Insurance

If you are a landlord, whatever type of property you own, you need to consider how to protect your investment properly with a landlord Insurance policy.

Landlord insurance has some similarities to normal household insurance cover in that it covers the building and property fixtures and contents against loss or damage from the standard risks like fire, flood and explosion. Typically, Landlord’s insurance also provides cover against the more specific risks associated with letting a property, risks such as loss of rent, alternative accommodation expenses, property owner’s liability and malicious damage or theft by tenants. Landlords Insurance offers you peace of mind, knowing that your rental property investment and your income are protected.

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Through our online quote and buy system, we are able to offer a selection of policies suitable for landlords from some of the best insurers in the UK. You can use the online system to compare quotes and to purchase a basic landlord’s insurance policy with some optional extras like liability or emergency cover offered by certain insurers.

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Alternatively, for a more bespoke approach, get in touch with us to speak to one of our expert staff members about your specific landlord’s insurance needs and we can build a policy which takes into account specific risks or requirements.