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Personal Insurance

If you are a commercial customer of ours, we are able to help you to arrange your own personal insurances.

We do not generally arrange cover for customers who do not arrange their business insurance with us – as we focus on service – and delivering high service standards - so our goal is to arrange the right insurance at the best price that we can, more often than not and in the long run, this is price proximate to many of the call centres or online providers.

Motor Insurance

If you own a Motorhome, Cars, Vans, Motorcycles or even Quads, which you find difficult to arrange on-line or via a call centre, please feel free to contact us. We don’t make any guarantees on offering the cheapest deal, but what we will offer you is some of our ‘expert’ time, which in turn, is likely to save your own time in arranging this cover.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance is complex and sometimes difficult to understand. If you require cover on unusual curios, items of high value or even personal possessions, we will able to assist you in placing this cover. We have access to a wide variety of Mid and High Net Worth policies which can be extended to include a wide portfolio of covers.

Travel Insurance

Whether you require one off trip cover for a holiday or a business trip, an annual travel policy or a family travel policy, we have a policy to offer in which we trust.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you personal insurances if you are not already a customer of ours.

GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance offers customers the reassurance that they are not left out of pocket in the event that their car or van is stolen or written off after an accident.

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