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Unusual Insurance Policies

Unusual Insurance Policies

Here at GM Insurance we specialise in commercial insurance. Although we are experts in insurance for the waste, recycling and skip hire business, this is by no means the only types of businesses we deal with. From landlords to shop and salon owners, we have a wide range of commercial policies available to cover your business. Whether you are looking for insurance for premises, liability, plant, equipment or fleet vehicles, we have got you covered.

But what about if your insurance needs are a bit more unusual? Well, we will always try our best to provide our customers with the cover they need – so what are the most unusual policies out there?

Alien Abduction Insurance!

Yes, really… If you live in fear of being abducted by aliens, this is the policy for you! Apparently designed to protect you in the event you are whisked away by a UFO. We are not quite sure how you can get the necessary proof to back up a claim though.

Werewolf Insurance?

Insurance legend has it that there is a hotel in Lowestoft which has taken out ‘Spooksafe’ insurance for staff and customers due to the ghost of a monk which reputedly haunts the tavern. The insurance provides cover against death and disability caused by ghosts, poltergeists and other abnormal phenomena. It even includes cover if you are turned into a werewolf or a vampire! Lloyds of London have also stated that company myth says that 60,000 people have taken out policies just in case they’re turned into a vampire or a werewolf.

Insuring Body Parts

The history of insuring certain body parts goes back a long way with there being some famous examples from the previous century. Bettie Davis is said to have insured her tiny waist against weight gain, Betty Grable is said to have insured her famous legs. Leg insurance is something which has since been done by Michael Flatley, Rudolf Nureyev and David Beckham. Other famous body parts to have reputedly been insured include Dolly Parton’s chest, Keith Richard’s hands and Gene Simmons’ tongue!

Ransom Insurance

Some large corporations have been known to insure their executives against ransom demands kidnapping and abduction, this insurance is also available to individuals if required. In the event of a ransom demands, the insurance company would apparently deploy a team of negotiators and reimburse the ransom price paid (only up to policy limits though!)

Perhaps the insurance business is not as dull as you thought! Whilst we can’t promise to cover you against some of the more bizarre risks above, we do offer a wide range of commercial and personal insurance lines – for more information or to discuss your insurance needs, get in touch with us.

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