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New WasteSupport Online Service launched to assist sector through Covid-19

New WasteSupport Online Service launched to assist sector through Covid-19

The waste sector has been rightly identified as a ‘vital service’ by the Environment Secretary who has praised the efforts of those involved in the sector for ‘keeping waste moving’ through what is undoubtedly a hugely challenging period. The Environment Secretary also stated that she appreciates the ‘cooperative spirit’ with which the sector is approaching the situation. One example of this cooperative spirit is the newly created online WasteSupport service.

Created to respond to the current situation and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management) along with WARP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) and other leading private and public sector organisations has launched a new online service which aims to connect local authorities in need of support with private sector companies in the waste sector who have spare capacity.

The WasteSupport service is free to use online platform for licensed waste carriers, brokers, dealers, permitted waste operators and local authorities. The aim of the service is to facilitate local authorities, who may be experiencing difficulties with resources through the Covid-19 outbreak to find commercial waste firms with surplus capacity who can offer support and assistance.

Local authorities and commercial waste companies can use the online app to either post or search listings on the marketplace. Commercial waste companies will have to register and have their registration verified in order to be able to use the platform.

In talking about the service, CIWM President, Trevor Nichol said: “The coronavirus pandemic has generated contrasting challenges for the public and private waste collection sectors. Local authorities are facing staff shortages as waste operatives are having to self-isolate, either as a precautionary measure or because they are unwell. This may lead to councils having to temporarily change the type or frequency of collection services they offer, as well as place pressure on other waste-related services.

“In parallel, many commercial waste companies are finding that their commercial waste collection workload has reduced as many businesses temporarily close and are faced with having to furlough staff. WasteSupport is intended to bridge this gap and support collaborative working that will benefit both the public and private sector in these difficult times.”

You can find out more about the WasteSupport service and register as a commercial waste company by visiting the website

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