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What does a Cyber Attack look like in the real world?

What does a Cyber Attack look like in the real world?
Cyber crime, cyber threat and cyber attacks are regularly in the news. Business owners who have access to personal data are particularly at risk from cyber attack and the threat does not look like going away any time soon. 

A 2018 report showed that 19% of charities and a whopping 43% of small businesses in the UK reported a cyber security breach or attack in the 12 months to April 2018. 

The figures are even worse for larger businesses - 73% of which suffered some kind of cyber breach in the 12 months to April 2018. 

But what does a cyber attack look like, what happens and how do you know you have become a victim? If you have ever wondered how your business, whatever it's size, could be targeted -A recent You Tube video shows the various hacks which can be used in a cyber attack in a real world scenario, based in a well established, physical shop.

The video shows the common ways a hostile organisation could target a business with a series of examples from copying its identity, stealing its stock and over whelming it with fake customers to finally blocking it from doing business until a ransom is paid. 

The real world setting makes it easier to understand what phishing, cloning and denial of service attacks are and the affect they can have on your business.

Cyber Insurance has become an almost essential element for business insurance now with the incidents of cyber attack increasing year on year. The most common breaches or attacks recorded were via fraudulent emails, used by cyber criminal in an attempt to get people to reveal passwords or security information. 

The next most common type of attack was impersonating a business online and then malware or viruses. 

Whatever the size of your business, if you operate online or hold an amount on client data you are vulnerable to cyber attack. Insurance cannot prevent you from being a target but it can cover the cost of putting things right afterwards which could run into many thousands of pounds. 

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