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Focus on... Mid and High Net Worth Insurance

Focus on... Mid and High Net Worth Insurance

Focus on… Mid and High Net Worth Insurance

Mid and High Net Worth insurance is the name for insurance products created for people who have high value homes and possessions. Whether this is high value antiques or jewellery, collections or prestige vehicles. Mid and High Net Worth may also refer to people with high profile occupations like professional sports people or people who are in the public eye.

Mid and High Net Worth cover is for individuals who require a higher level of protection than would be offered by a standard home or vehicle insurance policy. This cover also tends to require a greater level of expertise and a more personal approach to arrange and may even require a higher level of discretion on behalf of the broker.

What is Mid and High Net Worth Insurance?

Mid and High Net Worth Insurance could cover a number of different products, all of which are at a higher value, and therefore, a higher risk to the insurer. It is necessary to adopt a slightly more bespoke approach to arranging this type of cover as it will need to be individually tailored to the exact requirement of the client.

Standard insurance policies will not usually to cover higher value items or risks, whist mid and high net worth policies are designed with them in mind. Generally speaking, a standard home insurance policy would not have a high enough single item limit to cover high value possessions like antiques, jewellery and fine art. If for example, you have a very valuable item of jewellery which is worth in excess of £20,000, a standard household insurance policy is likely to have an upper limit on what it will pay out for a single item which is less than this, leaving you underinsured.

A high net worth household policy may include agreed values for specific items as well as providing all risks cover for buildings and contents, worldwide cover for valuables and even liability insurance for domestic staff if appropriate.

Mid and High net worth motor insurance would typically be used to cover prestige vehicles and in addition to a higher sum insured may include extras like agreed value cover and courtesy vehicles which are comparable to the insured vehicle.

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So, what is typically covered under Mid High Net Worth insurance?

  • Prestige & Sports Cars
  • High Value Homes
  • High Value Contents
  • Fine Art & Collectables
  • Antiques
  • Jewellery
  • Overseas Properties
  • Travel

With a properly arranged policy you can be confident that your valuable assets are protected with a sufficient sum insured. If you think you would benefit for this type or increased cover and would like to find out more about Mid and High Net Worth Insurance, get in touch or visit

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