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Landfill Tax rate rises from 1st April

Landfill Tax rate rises from 1st April

The 1st April 2019 saw the landfill tax rate increase to above £90.00 per tonne.  The latest rates, which are the same across the whole of the UK, are set at £91.35 per tonne for standard rate material and £2.90 per tonne for lower rate material.  For more information on those materials which are considered standard or lower rate – see (this link)

The idea behind the landfill tax, which was introduced in October 1996, was to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill, in the hope that those involved in the waste industry looked to find more sustainable ways of disposing of waste.

The current rates of the tax are shown below.

There is a further increase planned for April 2020 to £94.15 per tonne.

Many waste companies have had to consider alternatives to landfill in an effort to reduce costs. There have been increases in alternative solutions such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) which is produced from domestic and business waste, which includes biodegradable material as well as plastics. Non-combustible materials such as glass and metals are removed and the residual material is then shredded. Refuse derived fuel is used to generate energy at recovery facilities, many of them in Europe where they produce electricity and hot water for communal heating systems.

In this respect, perhaps, the tax has had the desired effect, although there are concerns that the increase in costs to waste operators and the inevitable knock on effect of increased costs to consumers for disposing of waste may have led to an increase in fly-tipping and illegal waste sites.

When considered alongside increasing costs in transportation and insurance, the increase in landfill tax is a further cost which is unlikely to be welcomed by the waste and recycling industry. Insurance for waste and recycling operators for liability, plant and premises has been hit with increases and even a number of insurance providers leaving the market in recent years. This is largely due to the increase in waste site fires and the increased risk profile of the industry.

Get in touch if you are experiencing increased costs and would like some help and advice on with arranging the right cover for your business. GM Insurance are still able to provide several bespoke and unique policies for the waste, recycling and haulage industries which address the specific concerns and challenges of operators working within this ever-changing sector.

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