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Focus on... Property Owner Insurance

Focus on... Property Owner Insurance

If you are a property landlord, whether in the residential or the commercial sector, your property is a big investment and one which needs to be properly protected with the right kind of cover. We offer a bespoke service for all kinds of property owners, designed to cover the specific risks they face in both the commercial and residential property market.

So, what are the types of landlord cover available and what do they cover you against?

If you own a commercial property which is let, cover can be provided to protect you from loss or damage to the structure of the property caused by the usual risks, fire, flood, vandalism etc. This can normally be extended to cover you for loss of income caused by an insured event.

Property owner’s insurance will also generally provide liability cover against claims arising from your ownership of the property. This kind of insurance would typically cover you against claims arising from employees, tenants or members of the public, including cover for legal fees and compensation costs if you are sued for injury or damage that the claimant blames on your property.

We can also provide cover for multiple properties, such as blocks of flats or rental portfolios. Typically, for a multi-property landlord, a policy which covers multiple properties will provide better value than and individual insurance policy on each property.

Landlord insurance is not a one size fits all policy and can be modified to cover the specific circumstances required. Whether that is property let under multi-tenure (such as a commercial office building), property which is owned under a buy-to-let scheme or property which is unoccupied.

If you are the landlord of a property let on a residential tenancy, you may also benefit from cover against unpaid rental (tenant default insurance) or cover which will pay your legal expenses and court costs in the event of needed to undertake court proceedings against tenants.

For more information on cover or to request a quote, get in touch with us. The policies we can provide can be tailored to suit property owners of all types at competitive rates.

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