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Case Study – Aviva claim

Case Study – Aviva claim

One of the things which sets GM Insurance Brokers apart from some other brokers is the personal nature of our service and our customer focussed attitude. Many of our clients have been with us for many years and not only value our ability to offer exclusive products and reduced premiums but the added value the advice we can offer as well as our customer service and industry knowledge.

One such customer, who has been with us since taking out a business policy in 2009 and runs a skip hire business, recently needed to make a claim.

Our client called the office on Monday morning of the 10th June to report the theft of a vehicle the previous Friday evening. We took the details of the theft from the client and requested that they provide us with any evidence for the theft, which in this case was CCTV and details from the police. Once received we were able to report the claim to the motor fleet insurer without delay. A good relationship with insurance companies and an understanding of the claims procedure is helpful here. In this case it allowed us to advise the client what would be required by the insurer and pre-empt the request for more information, saving time.

The claim handler for the insurance company at Aviva was then able to refer the matter to the in-house engineers within 10 days and a settlement offer was subsequently made to our client. The 10 day period for the referral to take place was slightly longer than usual in this instance because of the specialist type of the vehicle in question. However, we made sure that the client was kept well informed throughout the process and kept up to date with the progress. We were also on hand to chase things through if there appeared to be a hold-up or more information was required.

Our client accepted the settlement offer on 24th June and the insurer, Aviva, duly raised the payment the same day. The claim money cleared into our client’s bank account the following day which enabled them to find and secure a replacement vehicle.

Overall, the process from notification to settlement for the claim was completed in just 15 days, meaning that the impact on the client’s business was minimised.

The difference which a broker like GM Insurance can bring to the claims process is experience and knowledge of the process which can often speed things up for the client, as it did in this case.

All too often, unfortunately, brokers offer little in the way of ongoing support to their clients, simply providing a claim reference and putting the onus on the customer to progress the claim themselves. Here at GM we pride ourselves on offering a more client centred approach, supporting our clients through the claims process if required, and making sure that the impact on their business is minimised.

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