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Unusual Insurance Policies
Here at GM Insurance we specialise in commercial insurance. Although we are experts in insurance for the waste, recycling and skip hire business, this is by no means the only types of businesses we deal with. From landlords to shop and salon owners, we have a wide range of commercial policies available to cover your business.
Focus on… Product Liability Insurance
Over the last few months, we have looked at the ins and outs of various different types of insurance... This month we turn our attention to Product Liability Insurance.
What is professional Indemnity Insurance and do I need it?
Professional indemnity insurance offers protection for businesses which provide a professional service, handle client data or intellectual property.
Case Study – Aviva claim
One of the things which sets GM Insurance Brokers apart from some other brokers is the personal nature of our service and our customer focussed attitude - Read our case study of a recent claim to see the difference a good broker can make...
What liability insurance is necessary for businesses?
Business liability insurance comes in a huge variety of types, to cover an ever-growing variety of risks, some general, some more specific. But which types of liability cover are essential for businesses?
Tips for Sole Traders
Setting up in business as a sole trader is the simplest way to start out on your own. Once you have made the decision to start up as a sole trader, it is pretty simple to start trading.
RDF, plant and protecting your interests…

New plant and machinery is a big investment for most businesses and, as with any business asset, it is important to ensure that it is properly protected.

Focus on... Property Owner Insurance
If you are a property landlord, whether in the residential or the commercial sector, your property is a big investment which needs to be properly protected