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What liability insurance is necessary for businesses?
Business liability insurance comes in a huge variety of types, to cover an ever-growing variety of risks, some general, some more specific. But which types of liability cover are essential for businesses?
Tips for Sole Traders
Setting up in business as a sole trader is the simplest way to start out on your own. Once you have made the decision to start up as a sole trader, it is pretty simple to start trading.
RDF, plant and protecting your interests…

New plant and machinery is a big investment for most businesses and, as with any business asset, it is important to ensure that it is properly protected.

Focus on... Property Owner Insurance
If you are a property landlord, whether in the residential or the commercial sector, your property is a big investment which needs to be properly protected
Landfill Tax rate rises from 1st April
The 1st April 2019 saw the landfill tax rate increase to above £90.00 per tonne. The latest rates, which are the same across the whole of the UK, are set at £91.35 per tonne for standard rate material and £2.90 per tonne for lower rate material.
Focus on... Small Business Package Insurance
Small businesses make up the majority of the business community in the UK and small business owners are probably some of the most pressed for time, multi-taskers out there.
Enforcement actions by HSE up 43% in a year
In October 2017 we wrote a piece for our blog about the HSE's plans to make unannounced inspections of waste sites between October and December 2017.
Focus on... Mid and High Net Worth Insurance
Mid and High Net Worth insurance is the name for insurance products created for people who have high value homes and possessions.