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Commerial Legal Expenses Insurance

Why do we offer this cover?

Many Commercial Combined, Office or Property Owners policies offer similar cover as standard, embedded within the insurers own suite of policy covers. However, we have noticed that not all policies include this valuable cover, so at GM Insurance Brokers, we have teamed up with DAS to provide this cover to our clients.

The high cost of legal advice, coupled with increasingly complex and changing employment legislation, means few companies have the resources or expertise to defend themselves against legal action.

Employees are increasingly aware of their rights and, encouraged by several high-profile cases and increasing media coverage, are more likely to take action if they lose their job or consider they have been discriminated against.


Would you know what to do if:

  • Your company was taken to an employment tribunal?
  • Your company was subject to a tax enquiry by HMRC?
  • The Health & Safety Executive prosecuted your company following an accident at your premises?

DAS Legal Expenses policy offers comprehensive cover for the main areas where legal disputes may arise.


Standard cover includes employment disputes & compensation awards, legal defence, property protection, bodily injury and tax protection. In addition, optional covers include statutory licence appeal, contract disputes and debt recovery.


The cover provided under the DAS Commercial Legal Expenses is off the shelf and we have seen that it is not always suitable for every business. We have also found that sometimes, the cover needs to be tailored for your own specific requirements.


Please feel free to talk to one of our professional advisors if you would like an in depth review of this cover and to find out if it is suitable for your business.


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