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Imagine you ran a private hire company and discovered just before the Friday rush that your fleet was no longer insured? Is this a risk your company would be financially prepared for? Are you...

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This material is intended to be used as a guide only and is not exhaustive. Please seek legal advice if more detailed or specific information is required. How is a collateral warranty used ...

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An indemnity to principal clause in an insurance policy extends liability coverage to a principal if he is sued as a result of another person's actions. Because principals are exposed t...

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From time to time businesses are faced with issues of right of recourse in contracts but what are rights of recourse and how do they affect your position regarding liability for a product? ...

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What is Insurance Premium Tax (IPT): IPT is a tax on general (both personal and commercial) insurance premiums and is the insurance equivalent of VAT.   There ...

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“Are you entitled to compensation for Noise Induced Hearing Loss?” There has been a significant rise in marketing activity from firms of solicitors and claims management companies promoting ...

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