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Engineering inspections of plant and machinery is essential to ensure the safety of employees and the general public and help meet the statutory requirements for workplaces in the UK. ...

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And What You Can Do To Avoid the increases ....   At GM Insurance Brokers, we have noticed that motor insurance costs, including fleet insurance, has been on the ris...

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All individuals and companies are subject to a wide range of potential liabilities imposed upon them at law but these liabilities may also be increased by the assumption of additional lia...

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Imagine you ran a skip hire company and discovered just before the Friday rush that your fleet was no longer insured? Is this a risk your company would be financially prepared for? Are you ce...

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This material is intended to be used as a guide only and is not exhaustive. Please seek legal advice if more detailed or specific information is required. How is a Collateral Warranty used...

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An indemnity to principal clause in an insurance policy extends liability coverage to a principal if he is sued as a result of another person's actions. Because principals are exposed t...

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